Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Back to School Albuquerque! Mark your calendars!

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It's Time for Back to School!  Mark your calendars with important dates not to be missed! 

Hire a Lawyer? Yes, yes, and yes!

Why hire an attorney when you want to settle a personal injury case to you or a loved one?  Can I really end up with more money AFTER paying the attorney?  The answer is a resounding YES!  It boils down to the obvious…if someone who knows their way around a personal injury case for decades represents you they will find ways to increase the settlement well beyond your aptitude.

Here are just a few of the reasons why that is true-

1.  They know insurance companies and you don’t.
2.  They normally work on contingency.  If you do not get more then neither do they.
3.  The mind-numbing amount of paperwork.
4.  Hiring private investigators.
5.  Choosing the right things that should be arbitrated or mediated.

Personal injury may never occur in your lifetime.  If it does, please do not go into the process without a professional by your side.  In the Great Southwest many have turned to the winner of the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case.  The Albuquerque personal injury law firm of Ken Wagner.  Call Ken and his staff to review your case today at (505) 242-6300.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Upcoming Events and Things to do in Albuquerque - August 2017

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"The summer calendar starts to wind down as families prepare for the back to school switch in mid-August. August has many special events, to include August fairs and festivals."

Feel the Summer Burn.

Did you know that over a million Americans a year suffer some sort of burn injury?  Summertime is a particularly susceptible time for painful and often disfiguring burns.  Commonly, a burn injury of severity may be caused by an auto accident.  Carelessness around boiling water is another.  There are also electrical and industrial accidents.

Burn injuries have three classifications –

1.  In a first degree burn only the outer layer of your skin is affected.
2.  In the second degree type blisters containing fluid and much more pain are involved.
3.  Third degree burns are the ones we hear most about.  They may require hospitalization and a long period of rehabilitation.

In the case of third degree burns someone may need to be compensated for loss of income and huge medical bills.  To try a personal injury case involving negligence causing severe burns you need a specialist.  In the Great Southwest that firm is Ken Wagner Law.  They are Albuquerque’s burn injury attorney law firm.  Call them right away at (505) 242-6300.   

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Defective Products are Everywhere.

There is one mantra to live by…if you did not make it yourself, then it could be defective.  Since that applies to nearly everything, there are defective products all around us.  It could happen for a number of reasons including a design flaw, or an improper warning label.  Dangerous products kill thousands of people every year in this country.

A defective product could include, but is certainly not limited to  -

1.  The tires on your vehicle
2.  The very vehicle that you are driving
3.  Toys that your kids play with
4.  Medications that you and your family take every day…and on and on it goes.

If you or a loved one has been victimized by a defective product in the Great Southwest you cannot do any better than contacting the man who won The McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case!  That man and his firm are right there in Albuquerque defending our area against the experience of a defective product.  Call the ABQ office today at (505) 242-6300.  

Route 66 Summerfest Albuquerque

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"Come On, Let's Go" to Route 66 Summerfest in Historic Nob Hill! Join the City of Albuquerque, Nob Hill Main Street, and the New Mexico Jazz Festival on Saturday, July 22 from 3-10 p.m. for the biggest Summerfest of the year.”

Monday, July 3, 2017

Look out Below!

Summer time is construction accident time…unfortunately.  Things are falling from scaffolds all over the Great Southwest.  As careful as construction workers try to be, unfortunately accidents are virtually inevitable.  There are state laws as well as federal ones that pertain to mishaps on construction sites.  You need an experienced attorney to sort it all out.

Construction accidents may include, but are certainly not limited to-

1.  Objects falling from above.
2.  People falling from above.
3.  Exposure to noxious gas.
4.  Electrocution.
5.  Carbon monoxide exposure.

An accident of this magnitude, while rare needs to be handled immediately.  That is why people near Albuquerque have known for decades to call the office of Ken Wagner.  He is the Great Southwest’s construction accident attorney.  Do not hesitate.  Call Ken and his staff right away at (505) 242-6300.  Meanwhile, visit the construction accident page of