Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Feel the Summer Burn.

Did you know that over a million Americans a year suffer some sort of burn injury?  Summertime is a particularly susceptible time for painful and often disfiguring burns.  Commonly, a burn injury of severity may be caused by an auto accident.  Carelessness around boiling water is another.  There are also electrical and industrial accidents.

Burn injuries have three classifications –

1.  In a first degree burn only the outer layer of your skin is affected.
2.  In the second degree type blisters containing fluid and much more pain are involved.
3.  Third degree burns are the ones we hear most about.  They may require hospitalization and a long period of rehabilitation.

In the case of third degree burns someone may need to be compensated for loss of income and huge medical bills.  To try a personal injury case involving negligence causing severe burns you need a specialist.  In the Great Southwest that firm is Ken Wagner Law.  They are Albuquerque’s burn injury attorney law firm.  Call them right away at (505) 242-6300.   

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