Thursday, November 15, 2018

Big Rigs…Big Danger.

Let’s face it, they are a whole lot bigger than us.  Trucking accidents are serious business and we take each and every one of them very seriously.  How much do you think a typical tractor-trailer weighs?  The answer is about 80,000 pounds.  Now imagine that beast traveling at 65+ mph and the results can be catastrophic if you are clipped in your vehicle!

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says there are about 4,000 fatal crashes each year in the United States.  Many of those occur on the highways of The Great Southwest where truckers travel fast.  The blame for an accident is about 50/50 between motorists and truck drivers, but you know who comes out better in those confrontations!

One of the leading vehicle and truck accident attorneys in The Great Southwest is Albuquerque based.  We are The Ken Wagner Law Firm.  We are dedicated to protecting your rights when you are involved in a Big Rig accident.  Please do not hesitate.  Give us a call as soon as possible.  That’s The Ken Wagner Law Firm at (505) 242-6300.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Albuquerque Thanksgiving Guide

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!There are a number of great activities and dining options available during the holiday in Albuquerque!"

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Misunderstood Wrongful Death.

It is a nebulous concept for most of us.  Even if we are faced with a potential wrongful death case our grief is so palpable that even then the concept is almost undefinable.  IF a death is caused by a person or even a corporation that resulted from an intentional or reckless act, even if it is a relative who causes the event, it may be wrongful death.

Wrongful death cases are not limited to, but include –

1.  Murder
2.  A vehicle accident
3.  Medical malpractice
4.  Prescription drugs
5.  A dangerous product

Wrongful death attorneys are few and far between in the Great Southwest because it takes years of experience to properly try such a case.  There may be no one better at doing so than Ken Wagner of The Ken Wagner Law Firm located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  If you feel that you may have a wrongful death case call The Ken Wagner Law Firm at (505) 242-6300.

Local Restaurants to Help Celebrate Veterans Day

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"Restaurants, credit union come together to provide holiday meals for veterans & service members."