Monday, March 18, 2019

The Little Guy vs. The Giant.

It has David vs. Goliath ramifications.  In this case it refers to when an individual takes on an insurance company, a hospital, or a large corporation.  To us at The Ken Wagner Law Firm large companies result in large verdicts!  If you doubt that then view the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Article on our website

We believe it is all about passion and compassion.  The members of our firm are passionate about what they do.  We represent people throughout The Great Southwest because we realize that people are at an economic disadvantage when it comes to pursuing justice against large corporations…truly David vs. Goliath!

Ken Wagner Law is located in Albuquerque but wants to help you wherever you are in The Great Southwest.  Bulldogged determination combined with compassion is a powerful duo when you seek the right representation in a personal injury case.  Let us help you sort out the details by calling (505) 242-6300 today.

Monday, March 4, 2019

What is a Defective Product?

We hear about it all the time, just what does the phrase really mean?  Specifically, it is defined as an imperfection in a product that has a design defect or is considered deficient because of faulty instructions or improper warnings.  It is considered unreasonably dangerous to the consumer as it causes potentially serious harm under normal use.

So, what are some examples of defective products?  Among them are –

1.  Medical devices used at home or in the hospital
2.  Tires…they are supposed to keep us safely rolling along
3.  Equipment used in manufacturing
4.  Vehicles of every type
5.  Even the food or drink that you consume

Defective product law is a highly specialized branch of personal injury law.  When it is practiced by Ken Wagner and his staff located in Albuquerque New Mexico it is something that has been done dozens of times over the decades including the famous McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case.  For vigorous representation in The Great South West call Ken Wagner Law at (505) 242-6300.