Wednesday, October 14, 2020

They Always Should Act in Good Faith…BUT.

Your insurance company is supposed to act in good faith. After all, you have paid a lot of money to ensure your best interests if you ever need them. Sometimes, you may believe that they have acted in bad faith. How do you prove that suspicion? A bad faith inquiry is focused on specific facts and the circumstances that apply. It varies in each case.

You may be entitled to any or all of the following –

1.  What your insurance company is deemed to “should have” paid out.

2.  Damages that were caused while the insurance company was shirking their responsibility.

3.  Emotional distress compensation.

4.  Punitive damages if they acted intentionally.

You may very well need an insurance claims attorney to defend your rights. That is where The Ken Wagner Law Firm comes in. They may be just who you are looking for to file the claim necessary in your Great Southwest bad faith insurance lawsuit. Look them up at then call their ABQ office at (505) 242-6300.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

It is Just Wrong on So Many Levels.

Wrongful death is appropriately named. It quite simply is an unexpected death caused by the carelessness or reckless act by another person or even a company. Those surviving members of the deceased’ family may very well have a legitimate Wrongful Death lawsuit against the culpable party or parties involved.

Some instances include –


1.  Auto accidents

2.  A truck or motorcycle accident

3.  Manslaughter

4.  Medical malpractice

5.  Dangerous prescription drugs that have been prescribed

For a more complete list visit the wrongful death tab on this website… Now, it may be time to take action! Don’t let the death of a loved one go unpunished. Call The Ken Wagner Law Firm an Albuquerque based personal injury firm serving The Great Southwest. Here is that phone number (505) 242-6300.