Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The Great Southwest is Greater Than Ever.

This area that we call The Great Southwest is ready to return to a sense of normalcy…how about your family? Here at The Ken Wagner Law Firm, we hope that it is time for you and yours to get out again and celebrate any and all of the holiday activities that The Great Southwest has to offer.

Just here in our home headquarters of Albuquerque, NM, there is the Rail Yards Market located at 777 1st Street South West where residents of our Central New Mexico city meet friends, browse the offerings, and save some Christmas Cash!

The Ken Wagner Law Firm of Albuquerque, serving The Great Southwest for many decades will be here if you need us once again in 2022. We live in an uncertain world, but we will certainly be there for you and your family. Please pay us a visit at kenwagnerlaw.com. and we wish you a Merry Christmas as well as a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Have You Heard of the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case?

A better question might be…who has not heard of the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case. People still talk about it today well into the 21st century. It was an historic decision that took on one of “the big boys” and proved that “the little guy” deserves fair compensation when they are aggrieved.

If you are not familiar with the case, just google it. Did you know that the founder of The Ken Wagner Law Firm serving Albuquerque and The Great Southwest was an important attorney in that case for Stella Liebeck and the prosecution? That’s right…the very same Ken Wagner!

As we approach 2022, nothing has changed. The Ken Wagner Law Firm of Albuquerque still vigorously prosecutes those where “the little guy” does not seem to have a chance. If you live in The Great Southwest and have (what you feel) is a case against one of “the big boys” then call The Ken Wagner Law Firm at (505) 242-6300. You will see much more at kenwagnerlaw.com.