Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Tragic Events of Burn Injuries.

You may think that you have suffered pain by scalding from hot water, or being burned from touching a hot stove, but there is nothing like the pain and suffering of a 3rd or 4th degree burn! At that level one’s skin will be severely affected as well as the underlying tissues and sometimes right down to the bone and muscle.

It could have been caused by a number of things such as –


1.  An explosion from a gas line.

2.  Accidents involving electricity.

3.  Some horrible industrial accident while on the job.

4.  Even, of course scalding hot liquid.

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Monday, November 2, 2020

This Year, It has Been the Safest Way to Travel.

In this challenging year of 2020 you seem to be the safest when you travel The Great Southwest in your family car. No trains, no planes…just the family vehicle. But, what IF you have the misfortune to experience a car accident on the roads around Albuquerque? What do you do in the immediate aftermath of that accident?

Here are some steps to follow –


1.  Never, ever drive away from the scene…even if it seems minor.

2.  Secure the area around the scene.

3.  Immediately call the police.

4.  Take plenty of pictures…easy to do these days.

5.  Exchange insurance information.

6.  Seek medical attention.

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