Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Truckin’ around The Great Southwest.

With the coming of summer there are more big rigs on the road going faster than ever on the highways of The Great Southwest.  You and/or loved ones are traveling hither and yon in an automobile or on a motorcycle.  Sometimes you have an unfortunate encounter with a fully-loaded 80,000 pound 18-wheeler!

When the dust settles, it is likely that the insurance company representing the tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle has hired what is known as an accident reconstruction expert and has used its “deep pockets” to collect evidence which they will then use to defend the commercial driver and its company.

These seem like overwhelming odds, but they are not!  Not when you call Ken Wagner Law located in Albuquerque and serving the vast area around The Great Southwest.  Ken and his team defend the “little guy” in cases like this.  Tap into their decades of experience with truck accidents by calling Ken Wagner Law at (505) 242-6300.  

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Get on the Bus Gus…But Be Careful!

Vacation season is coming and more people in The Great Southwest will be traveling by bus than any other time of the year.  It sounds fairly safe, doesn’t it?  Whether you are being transported to the airport or you are out on the road in a Greyhound bus, one thing is probable…you are not fully buckled up as you are in your family vehicle.

Why do bus accidents occur?  Here are some examples –

1.  The driver is not paying attention…even for a second.
2.  The roadway becomes hazardous.
3.  The equipment is defective.
4.  A proper maintenance check was not done prior to leaving.

Whatever the reason, if you are involved in a bus accident on the roadways of The Great Southwest you need to immediately contact Ken Wagner Law of Albuquerque.  The big bus companies will try to settle quickly…be suspicious of that tactic!  Call The Ken Wagner personal injury law firm at (505) 242-6300.