Tuesday, April 21, 2020

When Does a Burn Injury Merit a Lawsuit?

When a person suffers a catastrophic burn injury because of someone’s negligence or malicious intent, that person has every right to seek compensation under the law.  It may be difficult to know how a burn injury case will be resolved or how much a victim will receive.  Deciding if a claim is worth pursuing depends on several variables.

You must have three elements that are proven by a preponderance of the evidence –

1.  Prove that the defendant had a “duty of care”.
2.  An employer does not correct an unsafe work environment.
3.  You must prove that the breach of care directly resulted in your injuries.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

When is a Product Defectively Designed?

Here is how we define it…when the design of a product is inherently dangerous or defective, the product was defectively designed and can lead to a claim brought by injured parties.  Claims would be brought against the party who designed the product, not the manufacturer, because the danger did not arise from an error or mishap that occurred during manufacturing.

Here are a few examples of a defectively designed product:

1.  A car model that has a tendency to flip over on a severe turn.
2.  Sunglasses that do not protect against ultraviolet rays.
3.  An electric blanket that shocks and injures the user when turned to high.

There are dozens of others, of course.  When a product injures you or a loved one because of its design we will be there to help you get the compensation that you deserve.  We are The Ken Wagner Law Firm of Albuquerque serving The Great Southwest in any and all personal injury cases.  Give our team a call and let’s sit down.  That’s (505) 242-6300.