Friday, March 16, 2018

Nursing Home Abuse.

It is rampant throughout America and will probably grow worse as the nursing home population is projected to increase as baby boomers grow older and health care improves.  Today, there are just under 2 million residents in US long-term care facilities.  By the year 2050 you can multiply that number by four!

Nursing home abuse is intolerable and must be dealt with in a thorough manner.  Does your loved one show visible signs such as bruises, cuts, and scrapes?  What about the signs that are not so readily apparent, such as a noticeable mood swing or a sudden drop in weight.  Problems can manifest themselves in a variety of ways.

An aggressive law firm that thinks of your loved one as their own is necessary at a time such as this.  The Law Office of Ken Wagner has seen nursing home abuse cases in The Great Southwest for decades.  Please do not wait another minute thinking that the problem will go away!  Call Ken Wagner Law today at their Albuquerque office (505) 242-6300.

Annual Village Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday, March 31, 2018

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"The Village of Los Ranchos will host our annual Easter Egg Hunt for children under 12 at Hartnett Park located at 6718 Rio Grande Blvd NW, Los Ranchos, NM 87107. "

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Why a Medical Malpractice Case Demands the Best.

Proper representation in what attorneys know as “med mal” is so critical because the stakes are so high.  Not only that, but the other side has deep pockets as well as a reputation to protect.  A doctor or hospital will fight with all of its resources to prove its innocence.  You had better bring your “A” game to the table!

Doctors and hospitals make life-altering mistakes sometimes.  It is simply a fact!  When it happens to you or a loved one you need to seek fair compensation.  There are diagnosis failures, transplant mistakes, pharmacy mix-ups, injury or death when giving birth…and that is just the beginning.

Would you like to be represented by the firm whose founder helped successfully hold McDonalds accountable in the famous Hot Coffee Case?  I thought so!  That law firm is known throughout the Great Southwest as Ken Wagner Law.  You will be working with Ken and his team located in Albuquerque known for its aggressive prosecution of medical malpractice cases.  Give them a call today for a free consultation at (505) 242-6300.


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