Monday, December 14, 2020

Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Christmas 2020.

After nearly a year full of challenges and uncertainty, we are still very excited about this holiday season. Of course, the pandemic is far from over—and it’s been a trying year for many, so things might look a little different this year, and that’s fine.. Rather than carrying on as normal, this Christmas is a great time to mix things up.

If your Christmas dinner has fewer guests this year, why not try a delicious new menu? Also, if your holiday budget is tight this year, don’t stress over the gifts! Turn gifts and stockings into a fun game by drawing names so that each person only has to buy one gift. Here is an idea…turn your focus toward spending more quality time with your family.

Holiday time can still be precious and meaningful in Albuquerque and throughout The Great Southwest. Here at The Ken Wagner Law Firm we intend to spend quality time with our families this year and hope that you do the same regardless of where you live. From Ken and his staff to all of our friends in The Great Southwest Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Martindale-Hubbel Gives this Firm its Highest Rating.

That rating is hard-earned and comes from judges and other attorneys in the Albuquerque area and around The Great Southwest. With decades of experience, they take your unique lawsuit from the initial process all the way to trial by a jury. They pride themselves in being trial lawyers which means they do not try to quickly wrap up your case for a settlement less than it is worth.

They aggressively fight for their clients against such behemoths as insurance companies, hospitals, and large corporations. That is reflected in the large verdicts and settlements they have won for their clients. They are personal injury attorneys in Albuquerque and around The Great Southwest. Google The McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case sometime for proof of that.

Lead attorney Ken Wagner is very proud of the personal injury law firm that he has helped build over the decades and guarantees that the same hard work and dedication will be brought to bear on your case in 2021. There is much more to tell, but to discover some of that visit for further proof. Their phone number is (505) 242-6300.