Tuesday, November 2, 2021

An Unforgivable Crime.

Nursing Home Abuse is horrific, especially because it usually involves younger people that you have entrusted to take care of your loved ones. It comes in various forms…physical, emotional, intellectual, etc. You must act if you expect this egregious behavior. Calling The Ken Wagner Law Firm of Albuquerque may be the first important step.

Have you noticed –


1.  Cuts, bruises, and scrapes that were not there the last time you visited?

2.  Is there a difference in the mood or personality of your loved one?

3.  Does the staff deny or ignore any culpability?

This must be handled with a delicate touch since you will be leaving your loved one in the care of a nursing home in The Great Southwest when you leave for the day. The Ken Wagner Law Firm located in Albuquerque NM knows how to handle such cases. Call The Ken Wagner Law Firm at (505) 242-6300. They are there to protect your family. Visit kenwagnerlaw.com.

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